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Pressure makes diamonds, bad life decisions, and Pony Girl. Acclaimed for their “evocative soundscapes” (CBC Radio), “ability to push the boundaries that define ‘pop-rock’” (Mixtape Magazine), and “musical depth quite astonishing to experience” (Exclaim!), the artpop group is well worth mining.

Enny One Wil Love You, Pony Girl’s Paper Bag Records debut, holds a mirror to our negative cycles for an album that’s as alluring as self-sabotage. Don’t let the title from a childhood painting fool you. Perpetual wartime, teenage temptations, false idols—we’re always crashing the same car in some form or another. So did the band, quite literally, in the lead-up to the album release. Pony Girl have braved much together, and their music is stronger for it.

Pascal Huot and Yolande Laroche’s duets anchor it all, wonderfully illuminating the inner worlds of imperfect characters. “King of the Country Club” smashes ego’s crown with warped harmonies and clarinet, “Age of Anxious” throbs with bass and unrequited love, and title track “Enny One Wil Love You” journeys through disappointment like a dizzying video game.

The Ottawa-Hull band brings a shimmering pop sensibility to rock and electronic production, scoring familiar conflicts with a prismatic sound that’s all their own. They won the Prix FEQ Emerging Artist Award in 2016 for their “high level of innovation and musicality… exceptional performance quality and on-stage presence.” And it shows.

Pony Girl unveiled their first album, Show Me Your Fears, in 2013 and their sophomore effort, Foreign Life, in 2015 through their own label So Sorry Records. As community builders, members of the collective also helm Pop Drone, an arts non-profit dedicated to celebrating and elevating Ottawa-Hull talent.

Pony Girl will release Enny One Wil Love You through Paper Bag Records this fall. They recorded the album in intimate spaces across Ontario and Quebec, including Port William Sound, Studio Wild, Little Bullhorn Studio, and a cottage on Lake Clear. Multi-genre and multi-faceted, Pony Girl will command your adoration as well.

– Jill Krajewski
01. Talking About You
02. Enny One Wil Love You
03. As the Old Sing
04. Rossa

05. Age of Anxious
06. Shopping Online
07. King of the Country Club
08. Now I Know
09. You Live and You Die
10. Makeup
11. In Wartime
12. Running in Circles